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  • Expertise

    The FRILITE® Group has over 20 years of experience with microspheres throughout the whole supply chain.

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  • Quality

    The FRILITE® Group will always aim to offer the best products and services and ensures highest quality standards.

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  • Microspheres

    Microspheres are small spherical particles, available in different densities, colours and sizes.

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  • Products

    The FRILITE® Group offers a good quality product selection with different spheres.

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  • Applications

    The FRILITE® microspheres find use in many different applications like foundry, refractory, paints and many more.

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  • News

    Stay up-to-date about the latest news about FRILITE®.

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  • Contact

    For more information about FRILITE® microspheres, packaging or delivery options, do not hesitate to contact us via mail.

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Temperature Resistant

FRILITE® microspheres are non-combustible and mechanically stable for temperatures up to 1600°C.

Environmentally Friendly

FRILITE® microspheres are inorganic, insoluble and considered non-hazardous according to CLP.


FRILITE® microspheres produce minimal dust, have a low density and thus a high packing density.


FRILITE® microspheres are abrasion-resistant and mechanically stable during processing and use.

Hollow Mineral Microspheres

Hollow mineral microspheres are mono- or multicellular spherical and hollow particles in size typically below 500µm and with a specific gravity of below 1g/cm³ – which means that they are lighter than water. Depending on their chemical composition, density, colour and size they are widely used in various applications in order to lower the weight, influence the behaviour under high temperatures, allow smoother manufacturing and so on.

Cenospheres are lightweight, inert, hollow spheres. They consist largely of silica and alumina and are filled with gas. They typically occur as a by-product of coal combustion at thermal power plants and are carefully collected after being separated from the common fly ash.

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The FRILITE® Group has 20 years of experience with microspheres throughout the whole supply chain: raw material sourcing, microsphere processing, quality control, logistics, product development and support.

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