• Bituminous Products and Polymer-based Sealants

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like low weight, insulating, faster production process and application.

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  • Construction Chemicals

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like small particle sizes, stable colours and low thermal conductivity.

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  • Construction Materials

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like low density, high strength and great flowability.

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  • Foundry and Refractory

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like high meting points of up to 1600°C and low thermal conductivity.

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  • Gas and Oil Field Applications

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like lower density, higher strength, better flowability, high temp stability.

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  • Miscellaneous

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits in other applications like fire protection, sandblasting or friction linings.

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  • Paints and Coatings

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like fine grades, thin layers, stable colours.

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  • Personal Care

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like inertness, gentle abrasion and environmentally friendliness.

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  • Plastics, Polymers and Composites

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like light weight and also saving resources and raw materials.

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  • Stucco and Board Elements

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like low density and low thermal conductivity.

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Construction Chemicals

Concrete structure is designed with a trowel

The FRILITE® Group differentiates between construction materials (give buildings basic shape and structure) and construction chemicals (used for connection, protection, sealing, etc.). As construction chemical products are mainly used in thin layers focusing on shape, mechanical strength and weight saving, the finest grades of FRILITE® hollow microspheres are the best choice. Already a relatively low mass fraction in a formulation can make a huge difference. The FRILITE® Group, as one of the few suppliers of hollow mineral microspheres, offers different types and grades (e.g. d10 and d90 values) to formulators in order to meet all standard requirements. The microspheres can also be produced with Topcut.


  • Lightweight: The lower weight benefits a better transport, an easy application, a low supporting surface load. Especially where no extreme mechanical stability is required, the FRILITE® P-Series offers additional benefits insofar as they allow to reduce the strength and density so that they are only as stable as required for the application, and on the other hand they are as light as possible (and thus at the same time as cheap as possible).
  • Spherical shape: Their spherical shape (compared to other fillers) reduces viscosity of any WRM product and thus reduces solvent demand (saving cost, drying time and energy, reducing any eventual VOC concentration/exposure, and helping to avoid drying cracks). Their spherical shape moreover improves the flow characteristics (ball bearing effect) of any compound and, by this, enables an easy application (good spreadability, self-levelling, better filling).
  • Low thermal expansion: Their extremely low thermal expansion coefficient reduces shrinkage and warpage effects to a minimum and prevents early ageing.
  • White colour: The white colour of our high alumina cenospheres (W-Series) and our perlite spheres (P-Series) improve the brilliance of any powder or WRM product.


  • Tile adhesives
  • Grouts
  • Joint fillers and putties
  • Floor screeds
  • Self-levelling compounds
  • Airless spray guns: the lower abrasive effect of FRILITE® P-Series extends the service life of spray nozzles and helps to save considerable costs

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The FRILITE® Group has 20 years of experience with microspheres throughout the whole supply chain: raw material sourcing, microsphere processing, quality control, logistics, product development and support.

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