• Bituminous Products and Polymer-based Sealants

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like low weight, insulating, faster production process and application.

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  • Construction Chemicals

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like small particle sizes, stable colours and low thermal conductivity.

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  • Construction Materials

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like low density, high strength and great flowability.

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  • Foundry and Refractory

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like high meting points of up to 1600°C and low thermal conductivity.

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  • Gas and Oil Field Applications

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like lower density, higher strength, better flowability, high temp stability.

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  • Miscellaneous

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits in other applications like fire protection, sandblasting or friction linings.

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  • Paints and Coatings

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like fine grades, thin layers, stable colours.

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  • Personal Care

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like inertness, gentle abrasion and environmentally friendliness.

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  • Plastics, Polymers and Composites

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like light weight and also saving resources and raw materials.

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  • Stucco and Board Elements

    FRILITE® microspheres offer many benefits like low density and low thermal conductivity.

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Foundry and Refractory

Man stands in front of a blast furnace.

As FRILITE® cenospheres are products of high temperature processes (actually a by-product of the coal combustion process in power plants at up to 1500°C), it is obvious that FRILITE® cenospheres can withstand extremely demanding conditions in high temperatures applications like in refractory materials and especially in the steel and iron foundry industry. It is a combination of the many positive features that make FRILITE® cenospheres so beneficial in all formulas of precast shapes (like bricks, castables, feeders and risers) for these high temperature applications.


  • High melting point of up to 1300°C of FRILITE® G-Series and up to 1600°C of FRILITE® W-Series
  • Low thermal conductivity for good insulating properties
  • Very low thermal expansion coefficient, which results in excellent thermal shock resistance, which extends the service life of any refractory product
  • Low density/weight
  • Chemical inertness, as they do not react with other process materials
  • High hardness and high resistance against abrasion and other mechanical wear and tear
  • Spherical shape: The lowest surface to volume ratio results in perfect packing factor, allows highest filler loadings and reduces binder demand. The ball bearing effect gives excellent flow properties to castable refractory products and improves placability of monolithic linings.
  • Cenospheres refractories have a relatively low apparent porosity due to a certain degree of fusing between individual spheres impairing heat diffusion (compared to other insulation materials with interconnecting micro-channels).


When selecting the appropriate cenospheres type for a new formula, the alumina content makes the decisive difference. Even if called “high alumina grade” or “white-grade”, there are considerable differences between the products of countless suppliers. The FRILITE® Group as a cenospheres producer invests a lot of resources in selecting the best European cenospheres sources and has long-term contracts with respective power plants that ensure sustainable and utmost quality. The focus lies on highest alumina content, which will not be compromised for lower prices. The FRILITE® W-Series have alumina contents of typically 35-39%, which is unmatched in Europe. Being a cenospheres producer, the FRILITE® Group offers different spheres in a wide range of different grades, knowing that only a good selection of particle size distribution (short “PSD”) ensures optimum particle packing and will allow the manufacture of durable, low-shrinkage refractories.

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The FRILITE® Group has 20 years of experience with microspheres throughout the whole supply chain: raw material sourcing, microsphere processing, quality control, logistics, product development and support.

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