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In 1998 Konstantin Eremin and Sergeii Andreieiv, which are still owning and leading the group of companies today, started to investigate the field of fly ash hollow microsphere (so called "Cenospheres") in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan after stepping across them in Great Britain and expecting a good potential of resources in those areas. In the following years our team was focused on building up relations not only to coal power plants but also to customers all over the world.

In 1999 first microsphere skimming methods and equipment were tested, patented and put in operation and sales of raw material started to international Cenosphere brands like Trelleborg Fillite (now Omya/Tolsa) and Microfine Minerals (now LKAB Minerals).

2004 the installation of a new stationary microsphere production plant in Kiev region was completed, allowing further processing of the harvested raw materials into specific grades of high value Cenospheres and thereby enabling us to offer our customers a large variation of new product grades of best possible quality and cost efficiency.

Since 2005, all operational processes have been continuously organized and arranged in compliance with ISO 9001 quality standards.

2006 we also began to develop and sell Cenosphere based products like high temperature mortars, furnace cements and adhesives to domestic markets in eastern Europe.

In the following years a number of Cenosphere processing companies and plants were established and supported in eastern Europe including the participation in an IPO, the first and only one in this industry.

2011, in cooperation with JSC SUEK, Russians leading coal exporter, the largest processing plant of its kind started operation in Belovo, Russia after just 9 months of construction, reaching a nameplate capacity of 20.000 t per year.

2012 a new record was set with 26.000 t of harvested raw material in a short season of just 5 months, which brought the over all harvested raw material to over 150.000 t.

2013 our stake in the Belovo processing plant in Russia was sold to our partners JSC SUEK.

2014 together with multiple research centers we began to intensify our focus on developing and evaluating equipment for the production of artificial microspheres which has led to industrial prototypes and later to commercially viable solutions.

2015 the decision was taken to evaluate and establish a new production facility for artificial microspheres in middle Europe in order to get even closer to our customers and provide them clean and environmentally friendly product alternatives and in 2017 Thun, Switzerland was chosen as location which lead to the incorporation of Frilite SA.

2018 contracts with partners, authorities and suppliers were signed to establish the new production, development and office facilities with over all approx. 1800m². As of today, the projected start of construction and installation is within the 3rd quarter of 2019 and start of production subsequently mid of 2020.


2019 the introduction of was a consequent step to bring together our different microsphere businesses for the future and the related regrouping and rebranding will be completed within the year.

Frilite SA

C.F.L. Lohnerstrasse 22

3645 Thun (Gwatt), CH

+41 79 155 25 64


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20 years experience with microspheres throughout the whole supply chain: raw material sourcing, microsphere processing, ...


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