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Bitumen and Resin Systems

you can see shoes in front of burning concrete

The use of mineral hollow microspheres in bituminous products is somewhat more recent. Especially in cases where larger surface areas or thicker layers are to be applied, larger volumes of the sealing agent have to be moved, so weight is an important factor. With FRILITE® mineral microspheres the density of a bitumen- or polymer-based sealant compound can be considerably reduced.

With FRILITE® Spheres there are many more advantages for bitumen products and other sealants:

  • Weight savings: 1 kg can cover more area, work speed increases, load carrying stress is reduced
  • Thicker layers: due to the reduced specific weight of the bitumen compound thicker layers can be applied on vertical surfaces, without the risk of sagging
  • Insulating effect: the thermal conductivity is reduced
  • Temperature resistance: the softening point is increased
  • Fire load: the addition of FRILITE® Spheres reduces the risk of fire
  • Shrinkage with age: is reduced because FRILITE® Spheres remain permanently dimensionally stable
  • UV reflection: Avoids heating up and slows down aging
  • Rheology I: FRILITE® mineral hollow microspheres reduce the viscosity through ball bearing effect, which causes a higher deformation rate of the compound and thus allows faster production processes (from mixer to shaping) and application, for example pumping through a longer hose to a spraying device
  • Rheology II: The ball bearing effect of mineral hollow microspheres causes a higher elasticity even in cold state, which means that sealing sheets, for example, adapt more easily to uneven surfaces


So there are numerous pluses for the use of FRILITE® Spheres in bituminous products; FRILITE® Spheres improve bitumen products, but their use can also save costs. Applications range from building applications such as bituminous sheeting for roofs to elastomeric sealing materials for train tunnels to be applied by spraying and to car underbody protection.

In less demanding environments, FRILITE® P-Spheres moreover offer the unique advantage that they can be customized with sufficient mechanical stability to withstand both, the manufacturing process and the requirements of the application, but at the same time are as light (and inexpensive) as possible.

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