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You will find more information about the applications here as soon as possible.

Refractory and Foundry

Man stands in front of a blast furnace.Meting points of up to 1600°C combined with low thermal conductivity enables the usage of FRILITE as filler in many high temperature applications.

Lightweight Concrete

Construction site with concrete elements

Low density combined with high strength and great flowability enables FRILITE to be used as filler in architectural concretes, precast concrete elements, well-cements and ready mixes.

Stucco and Board Elements

Front of an old houseLow density which supports low thermal conductivity allows FRILITE to be used as filler in decorative elements, stucco, insulation panels and dry wall board systems.

Construction Chemicals, Wall-Paints and Plasters

Concrete structure is designed with a trowel

Small particle sizes, stable colors and low thermal conductivity enables FRILITE to be used as filler in putties, adhesives, sealants, structured paints, insulation and fire protection plasters.

Bitumen and Resin Systems

you can see shoes in front of burning concrete

The use of mineral hollow microspheres in bituminous products is somewhat more recent. Especially in cases where larger surface areas or thicker layers are to be applied, larger volumes of the sealing agent have to be moved, so weight is an important factor. With FRILITE® mineral microspheres the density of a bitumen- or polymer-based sealant compound can be considerably reduced.

With FRILITE® Spheres there are many more advantages for bitumen products and other sealants:

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